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Your time is our richest resource.
GLMR is always looking for new people to join our group of dedicated volunteers. If you are a Mastiff lover and would like to get involved, there are so many ways you can help! You may want to foster Mastiffs in the process of being rehomed, assist us in matching dogs with their adoptive families, or participate in our fundraising and education events  -- just to name a few. To learn more, please fill out the Volunteer Application below and let us know what your interests are. A GLMR will contact you to follow up. (Please remember we're a volunteer organization so it may take a little while for us to get back to you!) You may also direct any questions to us at  Mastiff Rescue.
All of our prospective volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and must complete this application in its entirety. As part of the application process we will need to schedule a visit to your home with you, any other adults or children who reside there, and if you are renting and would like to foster a dog we will need written assurance from your landlord that large breed dogs are allowed. Please understand that there may be additional information that we need in order to finalize your application. We take the care and rehoming of our Mastiffs very seriously and know that you will, too.  

All items noted with an asterisk (*) must be completed in order to process your application. Please mark the question "N/A" if it does not apply to you.
a. First Name* b. Last Name*
c. Address 1* d. Address 2
e. City* f. Home Phone*
g. State* h. Mobile Phone*
i. Zip* j. Work Phone
k. Date of Birth l. Best time to call *
m. Email* n. Preferred number to be reached*
a. Housing Type:* b. List all names AND ages of all people residing in the household or those who visit on a regular basis:*
When the youngest child in the household is less than five (5) years of age or the birth of a child is expected, there will be special consideration by GLMR before placing a dog with the family.  A newly placed Mastiff will require a tremendous amount of your time, possibly over a number of months, to help it adjust to its new home.
c. How long at your current address? * d. Occupation(s)*
e. Do you rent or own?* Rent     Own    f. Employer(s)*
g. Landlord Name h. Length of employment:
i. Is your landlord willing to provide proof that giant breed dogs are allowed and that GLMR is not liable for any damage caused by a giant breed dog (a copy of the lease and notarized letter from the landlord are required)?
Yes     No   
j. Do you have a fenced yard?* Yes     No   
k. If you do not have a fenced yard, are you willing to install an exterior kennel no less than 12 ft. by 12 ft. and at least 4 ft. tall?
Yes    No   
l.Type of fencing:
a. Does anyone in your family have any known allergies to animals?* Yes     No   
b. If YES, please list all allergies:
c. Does everyone in the family want to be involved as a volunteer for GLMR? Which members are enthusiastic or unenthusiastic? Please elaborate:*
d. How long have you been acquainted with the Mastiff breed? *
a. Have you every owned a Mastiff?* Yes      No   
b. Please list pets you currently own (include breed, age, sex, and whether they are spayed/neutered):*
c. Have you owned other dogs in the past (please include breed, age, sex, and what happened to the dog)?*
d. Is your dog(s) spayed or neutered?* Yes     No   
e. If NO, why not?
f. Have your current dogs been tested for heartworm, and are they on heartworm preventative?*   Yes     No 
g. What type of flea protection do you use? *
h. Do any of your current pets have characteristics that GLMR should be aware of such as submissive, dominant, very playful, lethargic, food aggressive, shy, etc.?*
i. Have you ever surrendered a dog or cat to animal control, the local humane society, or a rescue group? If YES, please elaborate:*
j. How many dogs are legal where you live?*
k. In what township or municipality do you live? If applicant owns multiple pets, GLMR will contact the governing body to verify pet limit does not exceed the maximum set forth in local ordinances.*
l. Is there a leash law where you live?* Yes     No   
m. If you have other animals, are you prepared to spend the appropriate amount of time required to accustom them and the new dog to each other?* Yes     No   
Home visits are necessary both prior to placing a dog in a new home and after placement to ensure that all is well and that the Mastiff along with the family are adjusting well.
a. Are you willing to conduct home visits with prospective adopters?*    Yes     No
b. Comments:
Frequently, dogs are moved from area to area in order to place them into a foster home or adoptive home.
a. Are you willing to transport a Mastiff?* Yes     No   
b. Comments:
Evaluations should be done by volunteers who have extensive experience with Mastiffs and understand canine behavior.
a. Are you willing/able to evaluate a Mastiff with regards to temperament, behavior, sociability, and adoptibility?* Yes     No   
b. Would you be comfortable evaluating an unknown Mastiff or one with a known temperament problem?* Yes     No   
c. Comments:
You must be able to separate the rescued Mastiff from your own animals for a minimum of 2 weeks of placement into your home.
Fostering a Mastiff is possibly the most needed area of rescue.
a. Are you willing to foster a Mastiff?* Yes     No   
b. Comments:
a. Veterinarian Name* b. Clinic Name*
c. Clinic Address* d. Clinic Phone*
Please contact your veterinarian to authorize release of your pets’ records to GLMR. GLMR will contact the veterinarian’s office to request copies of the medical records to insure that all pets are up to date on rabies, vaccinations, heartworm preventative and flea/tick preventative.
(Only one of your references should be a relative.) *
a. Name * e. Name *
b. Address * f. Address *
c. Phone* g. Phone *
d. Relationship * h. Relationship *
Please inform your references that a representative of GLMR will be calling to discuss your application.
a. How did you hear of Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue?
b. I/We certify the information contained in this application is true and correct.* Yes    No   
c. Your Name (Digital Signature)*
d. Date*

GLMR is a registered 501 (c) (3) NFP organization
Contact us at mastiff.rescue@gmail.com
P.O. Box 47256, Chicago, IL 60647