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It's OK. We're here to help.
GLMR volunteers have worked with hundreds of families to help find homes for their beloved Mastiffs. Whether it is a puppy, a senior, or a special needs dog, we would be happy to speak with you about our program and how it works. Our approach is one where only the best families adopt our dogs. And we stand by our placements throughout your Mastiff's lifetime.
If you are within our multi-state state region and need to surrender a Mastiff, please fill out the Surrender Application below in its entirety. All items noted with an asterisk (*) must be completed in order to process your application. Please mark the question "N/A" if it does not apply to you.
a. First Name* b. Last Name*
c. Address 1* d. Address 2
e. City* f. Home Phone*
g. State* h. Mobile Phone*
i. Zip* j. Work Phone
k. Date of Birth l. Best time to call*
m. Email* n. Preferred number to be reached*
o. Do you own a Mastiff (aka English Mastiff or Old English Mastiff)?* Yes     No       
Note: If you answered “no” to the question above because you own another type of Mastiff breed, please do not complete the remainder of this surrender application. Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue only accepts Mastiffs (aka English Mastiffs or Old English Mastiffs) in the rescue program. Please check the links section on our website to find the appropriate breed-specific rescues in your region or send us an email with a brief description of your dog and the type of breed.
a. Mastiff’s Name* b. Is Mastiff up-to-date on vaccinations?* Yes     No   
c. Mastiff’s Gender* d. Date of most recent vaccination:*
e. Mastiff’s Height (at shoulder)* f. Is Mastiff up-to-date on rabies?* Yes    No    
g. Mastiff’s Weight* h. Date of most recent rabies:*
i. Is Mastiff up-to-date on heartworm preventative?* Yes    No    j. Age*
k. Date of most recent heartworm test:* l. Date of Birth (if known)
m. Heartworm test results:* Positive (+)     Negative (-)    n. Mastiff’s Color*
o. Most recent heartworm preventative given* p. Spayed/Neutered* Yes     No     Unknown
q. Brand of heartworm preventative:* r. Is your Mastiff in need of immediate medical treatment?* Yes     No
s. Date of last fecal test:*    
t. Please list all chronic illnesses that your Mastiff suffers and any required medications:* u. If your dog is in need of medical attention, please describe:
v. How long have you owned your Mastiff?* w. Is your Mastiff obedience trained?* Yes     No
x. Brand of food:* y. Is your Mastiff good with small dogs? Yes     No   
z. How much for each feeding?* aa. Is your Mastiff good with large dogs?* Yes     No 
bb. How many times of day is your Mastiff fed?* cc. Is your Mastiff good with cats? Yes     No   
dd. Is your Mastiff good with children ages 0-5? Yes     No    ee. Is your Mastiff good with birds? Yes     No   
ff. Is your Mastiff good with children ages 5-10? Yes     No    gg. Is your Mastiff good with livestock? Yes     No   
hh. Is your Mastiff good with children ages 10-18? Yes     No    ii. Is your Mastiff good with wildlife? Yes     No   
jj. Is your Mastiff housebroken? * Yes     No    kk. Is your Mastiff crate trained?* Yes     No   
ll. Reason for surrendering your Mastiff:*
mm. Please describe your Mastiff and its behavior in detail:*
nn. Has your mastiff ever bitten (either human or another animal)?* Yes     No
oo. If yes, please describe event in detail:
pp. Has your Mastiff ever shown any aggressive, violent, or inappropriate behavior towards either a human or another animal?* Yes     No   
qq. If yes, please describe event(s) in detail:*
a. Did you acquire your Mastiff from a breeder? * Yes     No   
b. Breeder’s Name
c. Breeder’s Kennel Name
d. Breeder’s Address and Phone Number
e. Pet store name and location?
f. Did you acquire your Mastiff from a pet store?* Yes     No   
Please contact your veterinarian to authorize release of your pet’s records to Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue so that we may contact them to request copies.
a. Veterinarian Name*
b. Clinic Name*
c. Clinic Address*
d. Clinic Phone*
a. How did you hear of Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue?
b. I/We certify the information contained in this application is true and correct* Yes     No
c. Your Name (Digital Signature)*
d. Date*

GLMR is a registered 501 (c) (3) NFP organization
Contact us at mastiff.rescue@gmail.com
P.O. Box 47256, Chicago, IL 60647