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Picnic season is here! These are a blast every year. Pack up your pooch and come hang out with lots of other Mastiffs; enjoy refreshments, prizes and plenty of dog talk.
The Illinois GLMR Picnic will be held Sunday, September 28th from noon to 6pm in the Busse Woods forest preserve just north of Chicago. We'll have food and fun including a live auction and raffle (a terrific photo package with your pet from Sutton Studios, lots of terrific pet accessories, a boat ride and more!). Bring your rescued Mastiff and compete in the always exciting and hilarious amateur dog show. Here are the details ./Picnics/GLMR Picnic 2014.pdf.
This is a map of Busse Woods (we're in Grove #2): Map of Busse Woods
Pet Expo 2014
Join us for the Humane Society of Tuscola County's Pet Expo on Saturday, September 27th from 10:00 - 4:00 pm at the Caro Fairgrounds in Michigan. Admission is free and it's a fun filled day of dog-centered, family-friendly events. See the flyer for details: ./Events/Caro Pet Expo flyer.pdf

GLMR Fundraisers
Win a Harley Davidson!
Brighton, Michigan Harley Davidson is holding their annual Open House and Rescue Fundraiser on Saturday, September 13th. We have once again been invited to participate and would love to have our great Families, Volunteers and Mastiffs help us spread the word about our program. Or if you're new to GLMR but would like more information, come on out and meet us! This is a fun family event with food, music, drawings and prizes that is appropriate for all family members. See the flyer: ./Picnics/Harley Event 2014.htm

Come on out, take a test drive and maybe win a new Harley! We’ll be there
11am to 5pm and look forward to having you join us!
Beautiful Jewelry Saves Homeless Mastiffs
Purchase beautiful, handmade, unique Apparent Project jewelry and help GLMR save homeless mastiffs while also helping a needy Haitian family. The Apparent Project in Port Au Prince, Haiti employs and trains Haitian families
that are at risk of relinquishing their children to orphanages or to the streets due to extreme poverty. The proceeds from the jewelry they make help them feed and support their family. Each one of a kind piece is handmade of all up-cycled materials and comes with a bio of the Haitian artisan who made it.

60% of all proceeds go directly to GLMR.
The other 40% go to the Apparent Project artisans in Haiti. To read more about the Apparent Project and the life changing work they are doing, please go to For pictures and pricing see ./Fundraising/Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue Apparent Project Jewelry Fundraiser.pdf

Order today from our "Donate" page from the tab above at the far right! Fill in the amount of your purchase under "Other" (make sure you use only digits, no dollar sign) and designate under "Comments" whether you are ordering a bracelet, necklace, earrings, or a set.
BarkBox - A Great Gift Idea!
BarkBox is a subscription-based online service where members receive monthly surprises for their dogs consisting of all-natural treats, hygiene products and toys. Each box is carefully crafted for your dog's specific size -- even big enough for a Mastiff! Use the code GLMRBBX1; you'll receive $5 off your subscription and GLMR will receive a $15 donation! Find out more at BarkBox!


The fundraiser for Jasmine was so successful (she's walking again!) that we are reaching out to you once again. Our darling puppy, Major, will soon go blind without cataract surgery. See his story on our Dog of the Month link to the left.
 Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue ("GLMR") has been helping pure-bred Mastiffs and their families since 2004. We serve the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Western Pennsylvania. Made up of over 100 volunteers across the region, GLMR has rehomed hundreds of Mastiffs since its inception. We offer adoptive families a support network to ease the transition of the Mastiff into its forever home. GLMR has also counseled many families to provide support, encouragement and training advice to help keep Mastiffs in their homes. The care we provide our Mastiffs includes a high quality diet, the best veterinary care, and behavioral evaluations of the highest quality.
As every Mastiff Lover knows, giant dogs come with giant expenses. This is especially true in rescue where so many dogs come to us in dire need of medical care. Just last year we spent $45,000 for medical treatment including $10,000 for heartworm treatment, $19,000 for reconstructive knee surgeries and $16,000 for routine veterinary care. We are blessed to be funded almost exclusively by your generous donations, which are critical to helping us cover the veterinary expenses and the costs associated with keeping these dogs in rescue until they are adopted into their forever homes. Thank you!

Since we are a 501(3)c tax exempt charitable organization, your tax deductible donation can be made through PayPal from the Donate link on this page or can be mailed to us at: Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue, PO Box 47256, Chicago, IL 60647. (Please note that our address has recently changed!)


GLMR is a registered 501 (c) (3) NFP organization
Contact us at
P.O. Box 47256 Chicago, IL 60647
(206) 202-3543