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Spring Fundraiser: Flower Power!
Spring is just around the corner (at least in theory!), so it's time to start thinking about planting flowers. GLMR receives a whopping 50% of each order so check the beautiful selection on our page, tell your friends, and post to Facebook: Flower Power Fundraiser
BarkBox - A Great Gift Idea!
BarkBox is a subscription-based online service where members receive monthly surprises for their dogs consisting of all-natural treats, hygiene products and toys. Each box is carefully crafted for your dog's specific size -- even big enough for a Mastiff! Use the code GLMRBBX1; you'll receive $5 off your subscription and GLMR will receive a $15 donation! Find out more at BarkBox!
Meet 4 yr. old Ginger, aka "Wiggle Butt." As you can see from her smile, Ginger is a love who enjoys nothing more than to snuggle on the couch watching TV (her favorite shows are Animal Planet and Cops). But she's also an exceptionally agile athlete (yes, we're sure she's a Mastiff) who is energetic and playful. She's house-trained, crate-trained and generally well-mannered, although she has been known to counter surf so her adoptive family just needs to be a little tidier than her foster mom.

Before she went on Prozac, Ginger was a little nervous, but now her anxiety is completely controlled and everyone who meets her loves her. Still, she needs to have a home by herself without children or any other dogs.

Ginger is currently living in Chicago, IL.
Please fill out an application on our "Adopt" page and specify that you are interested in Ginger so that a volunteer may contact you!

Help a Mastiff in Need, Become a GLMR Volunteer! 
 Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue ("GLMR") has been helping pure-bred Mastiffs and their families since 2004. We serve the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Western Pennsylvania. Made up of over 100 volunteers across the region, GLMR has rehomed hundreds of Mastiffs since its inception. We offer adoptive families a support network to ease the transition of the Mastiff into its forever home. GLMR has also counseled many families to provide support, encouragement and training advice to help keep Mastiffs in their homes. The care we provide our Mastiffs includes a high quality diet, the best veterinary care, and behavioral evaluations of the highest quality.
As every Mastiff Lover knows, giant dogs come with giant expenses. This is especially true in rescue where so many dogs come to us in dire need of medical care. Just last year we spent $45,000 for medical treatment including $10,000 for heartworm treatment, $19,000 for reconstructive knee surgeries and $16,000 for routine veterinary care. We are blessed to be funded almost exclusively by your generous donations, which are critical to helping us cover the veterinary expenses and the costs associated with keeping these dogs in rescue until they are adopted into their forever homes. Thank you! Since we are a 501(3)c tax exempt charitable organization, your tax deductible donation can be made through PayPal from the Donate link on this page or can be mailed to us at: Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue, PO Box 308, Bolingbrook, IL 60440.

This month, our special financial challenge is paying for Fred's surgery! Read about Fred on our "Dog of the Month" page.
Heartworm Reminder
Spring is not just flower season. If you've taken the winter off, please make sure you reinstate your heartworm preventative.

My name is Lilly and I am a 3.5 year old, gorgeous fawn girl. I came into GLMR because I lost the only family that I have ever known and I am very sad. It was extremely difficult for me because I loved them very much and was never around any other people. It caused me to become very protective of my family. You understand right? I couldn'€™t let anything happen to my people! Since coming into GLMR, I am learning that not all strangers are bad. In fact, most are pretty darn nice (especially when they have treats!). I am learning to trust again. As long as new people give me time and space to warm up to them on my own terms without rushing me, I do well. I need a family that understands that and can continue to help me become more socialized and build up my confidence. My foster mom says I am getting better each day.

I love to go for car rides. All you have to do is say want to "go €˜bye bye"€™ and I am ready on a moment's notice. If you need someone to keep you company in the car, I am your girl. I also love to play with my basset hound sister. She is a hoot. Not so sure about those weird things called cats. There are some outside that I would love to chase but my foster mom had a heart to heart with me so I am trying my best to leave them alone. I also love to play in the water and that includes baths! You won't get a fight from me to take a bath. I think they feel so good. My favorite treats are ice cubes? I would prefer a home with no small children as they tend to make me a little nervous but kids 10 and older are good.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I am missing my right eye. I almost forgot because it is a non-issue for me. I was born this way. It does not slow me down at all. I can'€™t wait to find my forever family. I have so much love to give. It would be great if you like giving belly rubs too?

If you are interested, please fill out an application on our "Adopt" page and make sure to indicate that you would like more information about Lilly!

GLMR is a registered 501 (c) (3) NFP organization
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